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About Shelford Parents' Association

About SPA

Shelford Parents' Association


Shelford Parents' Association (SPA) aims to assist the school and extend opportunities for its students.

Statement of Purpose

  1. To co-operate with the School board of SGGS in the working for the advancement and progress of the school and the welfare and happiness of its students and staff
  2. To raise funds for the improvement of the schools properties and amenities for the benefit and value of the students
  3. To develop positive relationships amongst the parents and between the parents and the Principal, the Parents and Staff and the parents and the Board
  4. To promote SGGS in the broader community.

President: Mary Gray

Vice-President: Megan Spencer

Secretary: Vicki Smith

Treasurer: Maria Kral

Public Officer: Nick Bilionis

General Commitee Members: Paul Hamilton, Clare Murphy, Lynda Perry, Rosalind Petrie, Rosemary Teed

Parents Association Events: Watch for details in Newsletter.

SPA Meetings: Last Wednesday of month (school terms only), 7.30 pm in Helenslea. ALL WELCOME

More Information: To find out more please visit the SPA section of the Shelford website or follow the link in the left column.


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